High on SQL!!!

Jan 01
### Why would i think about DevOps???

I********nstall SQL Server and Do Post Configuration just a Signle Click...Because if you don't want to waste your time sitting next to the monitor.... *************


!!Automate Development Process Operations!! As we all know, 100% is not achievable, but you can automate your daily Server Administrative activities. We should develop a stronger Sustained Engineering strategy for eventually automating some or all operations or administration. Okay, don't relocate all of your operations all at once.  I would recommend automating some procedures and then moving on to the next level when you believe the operation is stable....

I operate my server administration in an entirely automated, GUI-free, using SQLCMD, PowerShell, and Windows Batch files...

Let's talk about what I do and what you can do in your own setting....

  • Database creation/clonning, multiple database Refresh/Restore/Backup and database migration these are fully automated using custom Stored Procedure, SQLCMD


  • Download SQL .bak file from FTP Server and Restore onto the Databse Server using automated WINSCP command!!!


  • Deploy code on multiple databses and multiple servers using SQLCMD


  • Logging all database deployment process into a central database table using SQLCMD where it keeps all records like who deployed code, who took the backup and who restore the database and when and so many


  • Creat/Alter/Drop SQL Logins and alter SQL Login's password multiple servers just a one click


  • Install SQL Server in a silent mode, install latest service pack using CMD, add SQL port using PowerShell and reboot the server using cmd command line and YES ALL THESE ARE WRAPED UP in a single BATCH FILE JUST YOU NEED a CLICK and grabe a coffee!!! CUZ IF DONT LIKE GUI LIKE NEXT NEXT NEXT!!!


  • What about Post Configuration??? YES I RUN a PS Script that call 17 SQL Scripts such as Backup job, Index Job, memory settings, Database Mail configuration, Default Alets etc etc .....which will take care your instance ready to go for LIVE Porduction!!!


  • Bulk data load into the warehouse databse using BCP CMD utility....



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