High on SQL!!!

Jun 06
!!Opps!!! My Database is stuck in Recovery state! Need help?

Hello My Expert DBA,

Monday Morning,  i was drinking my morning Tea in my cube and also was checking my daily email. As a DBA you know what's our daily responsibiliites. LoL...Suddenly one of our hounourlable Application owner knocking at my cube and whispering "Zahid my applicaiton is down!!!!!" I know his application database which is Orion Monitoring tool and Yes this is very large database and size is close to TB! I jumped into the box and first thing i ran sp_readerrorlog to see any useful hints. I found that "The Server was rebooted". Then i reviewed event log to see why the windows was rebooted and i finally i have found there was windows update ran over that weekend and i curiously reviewed in the windows update history to verify with the Application Team and OPS what actully the update was!!! App owner actually aware of this update. But DBA team was not notified for this update. Because all update or patch/CU updates are applied by SCCM Administrator. Sometimes it matters like i would say if it is production then then apply those specific update on Test Box before apply on Prod Box. And also it is very important for all of us to get notified for any updates. Since this is very large database I would recommend to notify DBA team first so that DBA will stop SQL Server Service nicely in order to prevent data/log file corruption.

Let's discuss what happened on my database server...

Remember if your database state is in Recovery then you can not do anything.




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